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Minutes from Board Meeting September 15, 2017

Michigan Association of Senior Centers

Minutes from Board Meeting September 15, 2017

Comfort Inn, Mt. Pleasant, MI

Specific action items highlighted in YELLOW

In attendance: Kelly Arndt, SaTrice Coleman-Betts, Lauri Czarnecki, Carl Gabrielson, Nicole Gebben, Sue Koivula, Stephanie Moore, Cindee Picklo, Trinh Pifer, Barbara Rollin, Cherie Wisdom

Absent: Karen Adcock, Bruce Burger, Lynette Jordon

Meeting called to order at 9:59 a.m.

Approval of agenda by Carl seconded by Laurie. Motion carried.

Approval of minutes by Carl and seconded by Barb. Motion carried. Sue will send monthly membership reminders that minutes are posted on MASC website.


Checking acct is $10,630.42 as of July 31, 2017

CD is $22,631.59

Discussion about MASC general liability insurance. Sue will bring insurance policy for Board to review at next meeting. Board will create a budget at the January meeting.

Review Board Descriptions:

Motion to approve the Board descriptions as edited (see attached) by Cherie, second by Stephanie. Motion carried.

Conference Update:

16 vendors have confirmed and 36 registrations have been received.

Sue will post the conference brochure on the website along with the registration form.

Conference packet will include:

Conference brochure and feedback survey
Conference participant’s list
Speaker bios
Punch card for vendors
List of vendors/sponsors
MASC Financial report; Laurie will update it through September 2017
MASC questionnaire (Kelly will make edits and number the surveys so we can follow up with non-responders; they will be printed on colored paper)

Trinh will resend senior center surveys created several years ago to better understand senior center demographics, funding, etc.

Kelly will give her annual report at the conference, which will be posted online after the event.


The Bylaw amendments will be voted upon by members. Sue will post revised bylaws online and send email to members to review before the conference.


CEU paperwork can be signed at the conference by SaTrice, Lynette, or Kelly.



Board reviewed Courtney’s proposal to maintain the MASC website and social media. Proposal includes $14-$15/hour for 3 hours/week.  Mileage will also be reimbursed for any travel to MASC board meetings or the conference. First deadline will be creating a Facebook page by 10/27. Other social media like twitter will be explored. The scope of work does not include migrating the current website to a new software platform.


Goal is to launch the new Facebook or revised website at the conference contingent on Board approving a contract for Courtney and on a 30-day performance review period. Trinh will draft contract for Board to review and vote via email.

Next meeting will be at the MASC conference in Mt. Pleasant from Nov. 1-3, 2017

Meeting adjourned at 12:03 p.m.

Minutes from Board Meeting July 21, 2017

Specific action items highlighted in YELLOW

In attendance: Kelly Arndt, SaTrice Coleman-Betts, Bruce Burger, Lauri Czarnecki, Carl Gabrielson, Nicole Gebben, Lynette Jordon, Sue Koivula, Cindee Picklo, Trinh Pifer, Barbara Rollin, Cherie Wisdom

Absent: Karen Adcock, Stephanie Moore

Guests: John Roy Castillo, Olivia (intern with Nicole)

Meeting called to order at 10:02 a.m.

Approval of agenda by Lynette seconded by Carl. Motion carried.

Approval of minutes by Lauri and seconded by Carl. Motion carried. Sue will post minutes on MASC website.


Checking acct is $5,406.08 as of June 30, 2017

CD is $22,631.59

Autopay has been setup for approved recurring expenses.

Discussion to migrate MASC website to make it easier and less expensive for website changes. Currently paying $150/month for website maintenance, $135 for five years of website domain hosting, and $165 to Constant Contact for a 6-month subscription.

Cherie will provide cost estimate for her staff to:

1.)    migrate website to new user-friendly and free platform such as WordPress or Weebly

2.)    provide ongoing maintenance

3.)    maintain social media for MASC

Laurie will resend financial reports to Board with Sue’s payroll included.

Motion by Carl, second by Cherie to approve the financials. Motion carried.

Membership Update:

Currently have 120 members. Correct contact information will be verified at conference.

Public Relations:

An ad hoc committee with Carl, Cherie, and Trinh will be created to work on communication and PR with members. Cherie will send a doodle poll for committee meeting.


LGBTQ and diversity training led by Pat in September. Perhaps hosted at Carl’s center with videotapingto post on the MASC website for members unable to attend the training.

Other possible training topics include Advocacy in May, and MySeniorCenter.

Conference Update:

105 sponsor letters have been sent, and six have confirmed.

This year’s theme is “Addressing the Whole Person for Overall Wellness”

Ken Wasco, keynote motivational speaker, has been confirmed. He does not charge a fee.

Dr. Zorba Paster, keynote speaker on holistic health, has been confirmed .His speaker fee is $3,000.

Cheryl Schuch will present on “Toxic Charities” which discusses how to manage expectations and the 7 stages of entitlement.

MASC Board members have been confirmed to facilitate “Senior Center 101” breakout sessions, which include programming, forms and policies, funding, working with a board of directors, recruiting and retaining volunteers, center's culture and diversity. 

Kelly will circulate an agenda for the Annual Meeting at the conference.  Board will review draft agenda at September meeting. Agenda items will include MASC goals and objectives, measureable outcomes, revised Bylaws, legislative update, and Board elections next year.

Board will reconvene on Fri, December 1st to debrief on the conference. Kelly will confirm space availability.

Old Business:

Membership conference and fees will be tabled for this year.

Motion to approve amended Bylaws by Carl, second by Lynette. All approved, motion carried.

Lynette will bring copies of revisions to the conference for members to review and vote.

New Business:

Reviewed MASC mission and vision statement.

Kelly shared the code of conduct and other policies used at her center.

We will review conflict of interest disclosure and confidentiality agreement forms for MASC Board members.

To ensure retention and security of important MASC documents, Sue will get cost estimates for a new laptop and printer/scanner.  She will create digital archives and backups of Board meetings, Bylaws, Articles of Incorporation, and other important documents.

All MASC Board members were reminded to write and send their job description to Kelly, who will compile them and have a draft for review at the September meeting. Trinh will do a second review before the Board meeting

Next meeting will be September 15 in Mt. Pleasant.

Meeting adjourned at 12:49 p.m.


Minutes from Board Meeting May 19, 2017

Specific action items highlighted in YELLOW

In attendance: Karen Adcock, Kelly Arndt, SaTrice Coleman-Betts, Lauri Czarnecki, Carl Gabrielson, Lynette Jordon, Sue Koivula,Trinh Pifer, Barbara Rollin, Cherie Wisdom

Absent: Bruce Burger, Nicole Gebben, Stephanie Moore,Cindee Picklo

Guests:    John Roy Castillo of the Williamston Senior Center

Meeting called to order at 10:00 a.m.

Approval of agenda by Karen seconded by Lynette. Motion carried.

Approval of minutes by Carl and seconded by Karen. Motion carried.


Checking acct is currently $10,436.89

CD is $22,586.36

Expenses for 2nd quarter (1/1/17 through 3/31/17) were $3,065.76

Suggestions were made to create a budget for the conference. Sue will also create a list and description of the income and expense accounts.

Motion by Karen, second by Carl to approve the financials. Motion carried.

Motion by Kelly, second by Karen to authorize automatic debit account to pay for ongoing approved expenses.  Motion carried

Conference Update:

Keynote speaker on health and wellness, Dr. Zorba Paster, has been confirmed.Revised sponsor letter will be mailed June 1stby Sue.  Twelve vendors from last year indicated they will return.  We may need speakers/board members for “Senior Center 101” breakout sessions which are info sharing sessions on volunteer coordination, forms and policies, board development, and possibly MySeniorCenter.  Summaries of survey results for last year’s conference was distributed by Trinh.

Review Bylaws:

See attached proposed changes to Bylaws. Karen requested that the revised Bylaws undergo a legal review.  Sue will send Bylaw changes with conference brochure or annual elections.  Sue will also send the Articles of Incorporation to the Board members.

Membership Update:

Currently have 102 members;  115 members including affiliates.  Discussion to collect current contact information during check-in and registration for the annual conference.  This will address some of the missing or incorrect info in our member database due to turnover.  Membership dues will remain the same this year.


Senior center funding from state budget will not happen this year; we did not get enough support and response from MASC members.  The Board will continue to advocate for senior center funding.

MASC should work towards getting a platform on the stage for next year’s Older Michiganians Day in Lansing.  Little notice was given this year to senior centers about this annual event.  Legislative Committee will meet in September to plan for next year’s Older Michiganians Day.

New Business:

Agreement to post meeting minutes on the MASC website once it has been approved by the Board.  This will help with transparency and member communication.

Request by Kelly for each MASC Board member to prepare a job description and goals for the next Board meeting.

Lynette will send current list of members and contact info for Trinh to export into google docs. This will be posted on the member’s only page of the MASC website.

Public Relations committee, led by Carl, will work on more communication with members, possibly a newsletter, but at minimum an Annual Report should be sent to all members.

Meeting adjourned at 2:12 p.m.


Minutes from Board Meeting March 17, 2017

In attendance: Kelly Arndt, Stephanie Moore, Cherie Wisdom, Bruce Burger, Carl Gabrielson, Cindee Picklo, Barbara Rollin, Lauri Czarnecki, Karen Adcock, Sue Koivula

Absent: Lynette Jordon, Trinh Pifer, Sa Trice Coleman-Betts

Guests:    Susan Cockerhill of the Williamston Senior Center

Meeting started at 9:03

Approval of agenda by Carl seconded by Lauri
Kelly read the minutes from last meeting (no quorum) to update all on what happened.
Approval of minutes by Lauri and Seconded by Barb.

Discussion of the Health and Human Services budget that will be approved in June regarding Senior Center Staffing line item.  Cherie encouraged everyone to contact Senators and Representatives about the line item. New budget will be done in June 2017 so get your people on board.  The Senior Center Line item on the State Budget will be decided shortly and we need all the Senator’s now serving on the Appropriations Committee. All their names and contact information has been mailed to members asking for their support. Cherie will send an e-blast out to every member on the list. More discussion was held encouraging everyone to contact state representatives and Senators.
Kelly passed out the bylaws and discussed the different positions that are held on the board

 Kelly requested all board members write a few goals they want to accomplish this year and bring them to the next meeting.Karen mentioned we have 2 tasks:  1): Encourage smaller centers to promote on MASC’s face book page. Let them know we will do the advocating for them. Have them post positive things about their center.  2): Advocate to get senior center staffing funds by engaging all centers to promote positive things they do at their center and post on MASC face book with a picture included.  Kelly made a motion to do this and Karen seconded it.
Cherie said her staff does a great job with face book and the website, so she agreed to help with MASC'S face book and web site.

Karen mentioned the talk about Meals on Wheels Federal funding possibly going away due to some centers use CDBG funds for it.  Will keep us posted on what she hears.

Sue gave the financial report.  Kelly requested our Treasurer Laurie Czarnecki give the report since this is the role of the Treasurer. Too many board members are asking too much of Sue.  The board requested a different format regarding the specifics of the financial report information.  Sue will work with Lauri to share how they are done.   Sue and Laurie will receive a copy of what is needed by Carl and work on it for the next meeting.  Sue mentioned we are insured with directors insurance

Stephanie and Nicole gave a report on the conference for this year.  We will have a Senior Center 101 session on Wednesday to address the needs of the new senior center directors. Kelly asked about the evaluations from last year.  Trinh has them and Sue will call and have Trinh bring them to the next meeting or email the board.
The website was looked at and discussion.  It appeared to board members it needs to be updated, the same with our face book.  Stephanie will update the MASC face book page.  We will work on the face book page and decide on whether to continue with the website at $150 each month will little use.

Lynette was not there to talk about affiliated members so Sue addressed what our membership gets for the price.   After a discussion it appeared the bylaws would need to be looked at and possibly changed. The question was asked was there a need for an affiliated member fee.

Karen made a motion to revisit the bylaws but first have everyone read them BEFORE the July 21st meeting. Seconded by Carl.  Sue will send all board members a copy of the 2008 revised by laws.
Meeting was adjourned at  approx 1:20. Motion by Kelly and seconded by Stephanie.


Minutes from Board Meeting January 27, 2017 

In attendance:  Kelly Arndt, Carl Gabrielson, Laurie Czarnecki, Stephanie Moore, Sue Koivula

Absent: Barbara Rollin, Cherie Wisdom, Karen Adcock, Lynette Jordon, Nicole Gebben, Sa Trice Coleman-Betts, Trinh Pifer

Guest:  Bruce Burger Director of the Clio Senior Center, and Cindy Picklo from Bath Senior Center.

Since we did not have a quorum the agenda and minutes could not be approved, nor any other business. 
Arndt mentioned the need for MASC to development partnerships and network with other organizations with the same mission, vision, and values of MASC.  She will be contacting Scott Shader, the President of the Michigan Directors of Services to the Aging prior to our next meeting.
Arndt has scheduled a meeting with Joan Ilardo, Board of Directors for Aging and Adult Services, formerly OSA, to discuss the senior center staffing initiative.
There was discussion about needing to revisit the website contract.  We will take a look at this at the March 17th meeting. 

The board will revisit the topic of raising fees regarding membership and the conference.
There was discussion regarding the annual conference and the need to increase our numbers not only for revenue purposes, but also to become stronger as a group of professionals who support senior centers.

  Members found value in membership-driven presentations and the board agreed this was something we should reintroduce at our next conferences.  Some of the topics that could possibly be taught by members were:  Grant Opportunities, Outcome Measurements, Community Partnerships, Senior Center 101, How to Raise Money, National Accreditation, Helping Senior Centers come together regionally, and Age-Friendly Communities. 

Also it was mentioned to include breakout sessions at the conference and offer them in relationship to the size of the center. Board members want to focus on the smaller centers and what we can do to help them. 

Goals were discussed and the board settled on the following:
#1: Continue to advocate for senior-center-staffing funds to come directly to senior centers from Aging and Adult Services in the amount of $2 million by 2017. 
#2: Increase membership by 10%.  We now have 120 members, our goal is 137. We will do this with more community outreach and utilize tools to help promote MASC and senior centers.
#3: Annual conference – focus on membership driven presentations, enhance corporate sponsorships,  
Cindy Picklo and Bruce Burger were interested in serving on the MASC board.  They will both serve as “Members at Large.”  

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