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Senior Center Director Certification

Across the state there is a great divergence in the educational level and experience of Senior Center Directors. Some directors have high school diplomas, other have advanced degrees. No one academic path exists for Senior Center Directors with many center directors being trained on the job. Center directors themselves realize the complexity of their jobs and know that skills must range from personnel and facility management to fund development and recreational programming. Center directors often work long hours for salaries which are not indicative of the level of responsibility that the job requires.

The intent of certification is to provide a statewide standard that can be used as a measure of professionalism. A standard showing current and prospective employers the individual's commitment to the profession of aging. It is further intended that certification will not only provide the ability for leverage on job applications and/or salary negotiations, but that requirement of re-certifying every three years will continue the growth and development of the Certified Senior Center Director.


  • Promotes professional credibility and visibility
  • Identifies to the public and professional peers those center directors who have met specific professional standards.
  • Encourages the continuing professional growth and development of Michigan Association of Senior Centers Certified Senior Center Directors.

Definition of a Senior Center Director
The Director (or comparative title) is responsible for overseeing the daily operations of the Senior Center. He/She handles the budget, record keeping, personnel, service coordination and management of the facility.

Basic Requirement for Certification
Must be working as a Senior Center Director in the year that application is completed.

  • Degree (minimum of Associates Degree)
  • Three (3) years experience as a Senior Center Director
  • Completed Body of Knowledge


  • Seven (7) years experience as a Senior Center Director
  • Completed Body of Knowledge
  • Ten (10) C.E.U.s or nine(9.0) classroom credit hours, earned within the last four (4) years in job-related field or the field of Aging.

Certification Renewal
Sixteen (16) hours documented participation in workshops/seminars or ten (10) C.E.U. or three (3.0) classroom credit hours - all in job related fields or the field of Aging. For workshops / seminars which are not sponsored by the Michigan Association of Senior Centers, standardized documentation forms are available.
Please direct inquiries to:

Rina Chemin, CPRP, SDC, Standards Committee
Michigan Association of Senior Centers
7190 N. Maple
Saline, MI 48176

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